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Residential Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Generation Systems

A Hydrogen Fuel Cell System for my home?  Really?  Yes, Really.

Are you interested in having an electricity producing system installed in your home that is BETTER than P.V. Solar?  The future of personal, residential energy creation is here. It is    Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFC)! HFC systems are providing home owners just like you in the bay area with power & savings beyond that of solar solutions.

Begin saving money and energy today with a single, compact home fuel cell system. About the size of a typical refrigerator, a Hydrogen Fuel Cell’s output isn’t affected by the weather. That means that it provides you with power 24/7/365 making it a wiser, more reliable choice than other energy alternatives.

So what exactly is a Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFC) and how does it Work?

A Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFC) is supplied by a source of natural gas and via its fuel processor, the unit processes the hydrogen molecules out of the natural gas then combines the hydrogen molecules with oxygen to produce electricity.

As an example, ClearEdge Power's ClearEdge5 pictured above uses hydrogen fuel cells, housed in an enclosure similar to that of HVAC units, to provide energy and heat for the home. According to the company, the system offers operating costs as low as 6 cents per kWh. Excess power can be returned to the grid for credit on the bill. Courtesy ClearEdge Power

A HFC can generates electricity that can be used throughout your entire home exactly the same as the electricity you currently buy from the utility company.  Because this electricity generation is 24/7/365,  a typical 5kW HFC is equivalent to a solar energy system of over 20kW!

You want to talk ‘clean’ and environmentally friendly?? The electricity produced by the HFC is generated through an electro-chemical process without any form of combustion what-so-ever.  Combustion is the dirty way that conventional utility companies produce most of the electricity you and I buy from them.  The HFC produces miniscule amounts of pollutants and reduces your carbon emissions per watt of electricity produced by up to 40%.

But it gets better as ‘heat’ is a byproduct of the electrochemical reaction.  As such the HFC pulls double duty as it also produces enough excess heat to warm approximately 750 gallons of water -- enough to heat a typical swimming pool, hot water heater or can be utilized to help in the heating of a home. When employing a residential Hydrogen Fuel Cell to supply both electricity and heat the typical efficiencies reach ~ 90% cutting energy costs by as much as 50%. Whoever thought that being green had the potential to save you so much ‘green’?

This is the coolest, greenest, best ‘cocktail party conversation worthy’ thing we do and we are excited to be installing them for homeowners. If you are excided reading about this then click here or call us to learn more. 

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